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#1 Decentralized VPN:
The craft and stories behind the design
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Single Designer

Lead the project

with 3 Engineers



Single Designer

Lead the project

with 3 Engineers

Single Designer

Lead the project

with 3 Engineers


What is VPN ?

Why people need VPN to protect themselves?

60% of digital citizens are surveilled, censored or hacked!

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  • Social media & popular communications App are blocked (including Facebook, Netflix, Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp and Google. etc).

  • Political, social and religious contents are censored.

  • Networks shutdowns.

  • Unchecked surveillance.

What is VPN 

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with Squirrel VPN

  1. You can Unblock any restricted website

  2. Get a true Private and Secure network

  3. Nobody knows who you are, what

    websites you are on, you are Invisible

How about existing VPN products?

As for VPN providers, there are thousands of small players, whose service quality and technology are almost the same bad. 

None of them can provide a reliable service to their customers. 

One billion users from Asia(69%), Middle-East(16%) and South America(5%) are always seeking for a reliable VPN service provider.


How we can succeed

From a business lens:

Our innovative technology is the core, without which the UX is nothing

1. Reliability

2. Performance


Traditional centralized VPNs are highly constrained by the performance of limited provisioned nodes, including restricted speed and bandwidth, sometimes the services terminate due to over-requests and congestions.

Squirrel VPN

  • A large number of nodes guarantees the performance and stability of the service.

  • If some nodes are overloaded or terminated, our node balancer will take care, so the user won't notice,

3. Price


$4~$13 / month

Not quite affordable for developing countries who are the major users

Squirrel VPN

$4 - $6 / month

40% lower than average based on our unique technology which optimizes the utilization of servers

what I want is:
simple & reliable
Users Voice we heard the most:

I just want to check my facebook feed after I come back to Beijing, China. No such service can fulfill my such simple requirement,  do you believe, why?

The VPN service I am using is not stabletotally down quite often. The speed is also fast and slow, up and down. What 's worse, there are no troubleshooting methods. What I can do is just restart and reconnect. 

I have been searching for a good VPN service for many years, but I never found one. I understand there are regulations about such technology so I used to switch to a new VPN every several weeks. 


Many governments or websites can easily block known VPN services. 

Therefore, the people who need a VPN most cannot actually use it.

Squirrel VPN

There is no centralized server, no fixed IP address. It is impossible to shut down the service unless it blocks all computers as relay and proxy nodes on the planet.

Squirrel VPN design guides

Based on the problems with the existing products, what users actually want and our unique strengths, we come up with TWO design guides:

Simple to use

A user just needs one click to get connected, we will handle the rest for you.

Everything else in App as well.

Easy to spread

Easy for users and agents to invite friends.  Minimize agents' work to spread the App to thousands of people. It is significant for user acquisition.

Story 1
Simple UX
Behind the scene 
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